Youth Counselor

Job Selection, Brasov

08-04-2011 | EXPIRA LA 08-05-2011

Job expirat


• As a member of the Cruise Staff, the Youth/Teen Counselor is responsible to assist in
leading any of the scheduled social, entertainment or recreational activities, ensuring
that each event takes place safely and promptly as scheduled.
• Each Youth/Teen Counselor has the specific responsibility to develop, implement and
oversee all activities for the youth/teen programs.
• Each new program/activity or any major change to existing programs needs to be
submitted for shoreside approval to the Miami Office before implementation.
• All Youth/Teen Counselors are responsible for assisting in the storage, inventory and
ordering of all equipment, supplies, gifts, and prizes which are specifically utilized in
the youth/teen program.
• It is the responsibility of the Youth/Teen Counselor to aid on the training of all new
Youth/Teen Counselors and seasonal Youth/Teen Coordinators.
• Each Youth/Teen Counselor must have the ability to serve as an effective
• Each Youth/Teen Counselor must have the ability to work as a team member in
cooperating with other Cruise Staff members, as well as with other shipboard
• It is the responsibility of the Youth/Teen Counselor to be accessible and approachable
with the guests. He/She must be capable of being a patient listener while making the
guests feel at home.
• Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS,
and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position.
• Meet & Greet Guests upon embarkation.
• Assist with private parties and functions.
• Assist with any guest requests.
• Swipe guest cards at gangway.
• Other activities and duties as assigned.
• Able to lift at least 50 lbs.
• Climb on step stool or ladder in order to complete elements of job or facilitate
maintenance issues.
• Bend, lean and stoop without hindrance.
• Fine motor skills.
• Use stairs often.
• Work within different temperature changes—indoors to outdoors.
• Able to pass basic safety course.
• This is a minimal description of duties. Other work requirements may be necessary and
assigned as business or maritime law dictates.
• Under the direction of the Cruise Director and the Assistant Cruise Director, the Youth
Counselor assists in the training of all Seasonal Youth Counselors.
• Responsible for the supervision and control of all youth/teen guests in all
entertainment-related activities.


• A minimum of two years previous experience in the recreation/education industry
working with children and/or teens ages 2-17. Must have specific expertise in the field
of recreational administration, or early childhood education.
• Extrovert, quick and critical thinker, witty, personable, and articulate. Must be service
oriented and have the ability to take direction.
• Although not an absolute prerequisite, prefer proficiency in ability to read, write and
effectively communicate in one language in addition to English.
• Must be able to adapt to confined and sometimes limited living conditions for extended
periods of time. In addition must be flexible in terms of last minute changes in
itineraries, activities, events and schedules.
• Proficiency in: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook.


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