Job Selection, Brasov

29-06-2011 | EXPIRA LA 29-07-2011

Job expirat


He/she will be responsible for:
Photo Trainees will be involved in shooting embarkation, gangways, standings Portraits,
dining room, couples and tables, deck, costumes etc as well as the following
• Will take proper care and maintenance of all photographic equipment assigned to them
• Will make effective use of training in regards to perspective and composition ideals.
• Will use proper application of photographic equipment including camera body controls, zone
focus techniques and learn from training techniques such as flash/ lighting ratios to produce top
quality images
• Will help photographers to set up portrait studios and photo props and adhere to all safety
procedures related to set-up
• Will communicate effectively (in English) projecting a warm and friendly personality at all times.
• Will work together with the team to reach the goals of the department
• Will perform any task deemed appropriate by the Photo manager such as wear costumes
Photo Trainees must learn a basic understanding of the photo lab and production. They should adhere
to the following:
• Be knowledgeable of all safety procedures relating to the Photo Lab
• Learn a basic knowledge of the Photo Lab and the process involved in producing a quality print.
• Will not operate any Photo Lab equipment without the presence of a trained Lab technician and
the permission of the Photo Manager.
• When using the Photographers workstation they must not download any programs from other
sources or store any personal files or data.
• Take proper care of production equipment at all times and assist in keeping the lab clean.
• They should help with any storing of photo supplies.
• Adhere to company policy in regards of proper use, storage and handling of any chemicals.
Photo Trainees must learn the basic skills involved in selling both photographs and all related products
and should always adhere to the following:
• Have a full knowledge of selling prices, discount, policies, and procedures in the Photo gallery
• Consistently suggests reprints (copies), additional services and products to CCL guest such as
film developing, albums, folios and other retail products with every sale while maintaining speed
at the sales desks.
• Be continually helpful and courteous to the guests.
• Will assist the guests in anyway to find or locate photos or products.
• Will help with stocking and storing of photo supplies such as folios, album, frames, etc.
• Will continuously keep the Photo display neat, tidy and organized.
• Will help clean and maintain the Photo gallery and sales areas.


Personal Qualifications:
Photo Trainees must possess and demonstrate the following:
• Show a genuine interest in shipboard photography and guest service
• Pleasant outgoing personality.
• Great attitude and positive outlook.
• Effective communication (in English) skills.
• Maintain proper grooming and personal hygiene.
• Project a professional image.
• Willingness to adapt and learn new skills
• Adhere to set schedules and maintain proper time keeping
• Be a team player
• Apply the “Seven Steps to Courtesy” to communicate with guest.
• Perform any task deemed appropriate by the photo manager.
He/she report directly to the Assistant Photo & Photo Managers.
Photo Trainees on all ships must adhere to the following:
• Photograph CCL guests involved in ship activities throughout the cruise.
• Produce quality photographic products for sale to CCL guest.
• Sell Photo Department generated products and services to CCL guests.
• Interact in a positive way with CCL passengers and onboard staff and fellow crewmembers.
Photographers are aboard each CCL vessel to generate (onboard) revenue and contribute positively to
the guest experience. Photographers must always be friendly, helpful, honest, and project a
professional image.
Reports to: Photo trainer, Photo Manager


C.T.N. JOB SELECTION, Brasov este cea mai renumita firma de recrutare si plasare de forta de munca pentru Vase de Croaziera, consultanta pe piata muncii in domeniul hotelier
Avem o traditie de 14 ani in aceasta industrie si colaboram cu cele mai bune companii de croaziera americane si nu numai.