Cruise Staff & Youth Staff

Job Selection, Brasov

17-02-2012 | EXPIRA LA 18-03-2012

Job expirat


• Responsible for executing programmed quality day and night time activities to
ensure the enjoyment of the guests, following the plan set by the Head Cruise
• Able to adapt and amend activities to suit all ages and types of passengers.
• Always consulting Head Cruise Staff and Cruise Director
• The Cruise Staff/Animators have an artistic background and should be able to
perform in that way (sketch, song, dance). They should be a clear speaker and
be able to use a microphone.
• Sparkling positive personality, organizational skills, people's ability and creating
of pleasant working environment are key factors to success of animation team
and final product they offer.




C.T.N. JOB SELECTION, Brasov este cea mai renumita firma de recrutare si plasare de forta de munca pentru Vase de Croaziera, consultanta pe piata muncii in domeniul hotelier
Avem o traditie de 14 ani in aceasta industrie si colaboram cu cele mai bune companii de croaziera americane si nu numai.