Operator Productie - Relocare

IHM Total Consult

06-07-2022 | EXPIRA LA 17-07-2022


Angajăm operator productie pentru unul dintre clientii nostri, furnizori în industria automotive și partener pentru producători auto din întreaga lume.

*Programul de lucru: 12-24/ 12-48 sau 3 schimburi.
*Locatie: jud. Timis, Giarmata.
*Cazare asigurata gratuit.



Salariu 3020 lei brut;
Tichete de masă de 20 lei;
Ore suplimentare plătite 200%;
Spor de noapte: 25%;
Primă de prezență - 100 lei brut;
Primă de recomandare - 600 lei brut;
Bonus de Paște, Crăciun, 8 Martie, 1 Iunie;
Al 13-lea salariu;
Asigurare medicala privata;
Transport asigurat gratuit din Timisoara si imprejurimi.


Pentru mai multe detalii ne poți contacta la numărul de telefon 0736.391.361.


We are a Romanian company and since 2004 we have been managing to prove by our results that combining the professional experience with the seriousness and the involvement is the solution to build a durable relationship with our partners. The values that lead our activity: Team integrity in the relation with our clients, candidates and stakeholders; Continuous improvement of the quality and the efficiency of the fulfilled projects; Positive attitude 100% oriented towards the client.
We represent the main integrated HR services provider within Western Romania, our position being valued with 1st Prize awarded within the last 5 years by the National Chamber of Commerce.
Our clients, national and multinational companies that develop their activity in the country and abroad have remained faithful to the services we offer and together we have managed to develop and become better and better in what we do. Our clients come from various fields, such as: ENGINERRING/AUTOMOTIVE, IT&C, FMCG, SERVICE CENTER, SALES, LOGISTICS