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27-02-2014 | EXPIRA LA 29-03-2014

Job expirat


Decomposing a user story into its smaller constituent parts to help facilitate the development process;
Working closely with the architect to analyse how the technical requirements might be implemented;
Identification with the architect of upstream dependencies (such as cloud stack API calls) and downstream dependencies (such as translation);
Facilitating the sprint planning rituals;
Work closely with the customer, developers and testers at all stages of a requirements development to ensure that what is produced is fit for purpose.


More than three years experience as an analyst (of either business or systems);
Experience in working in an agile Scrum environment;
Able to confidently describe the structure of a good user story and ensure on-going compliance and quality of user stories;
Able to elicit good quality requirement from businesses and technology users in an open and engaging manner;
understand the difference between a good and bad user story and the impact on developer effectiveness, planning accuracy and quality of output.


Company offers real challenges, a lot of work, an above average compensation and benefits package, good career development possibilities in an international environment, they can offer fun and fully contribute to the success of young, dynamic and competent team members.


Founded in 1982, Grafton Recruitment has established itself as a world class provider of recruitment solutions. Grafton has experienced an impressive growth pattern in the last five years. The network has built to a total of 70 branch operations spanning 19 different countries including the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Chile, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Portugal, France, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, UAE and Romania.