Tubulator - instalator

SC Aria Public SRL-D

30-05-2016 | EXPIRA LA 29-06-2016

Job expirat


The surveying, entertain and assembly of pipes is not a problem. You deliver qualitative and quantitative good solid piping according to the isometric drawings and work orders. You have extensive knowledge of materials, inter alia, carbon steel, stainless steel and Duplex. You can be both large and small plumbing fitting and have experience with thick and thin-walled piping. Manual or mechanical bending is not a problem, as is the bonding of the pipe.
As an independent pipe fitter you are able to lead explain an assistant fitter and work and drawing your colleagues.
Salary 12 euro/netto


The activities take place in various locations in the industry, pipeline construction and petrochemicals, but also in the workplace (prefab) of our customers, whether in shipbuilding.
Safe working condition
- Demonstrable recent experience as a pipefitter
- No 8-5 mentality (flexible settings)
- Able to work independently
- Leadership can give to help a fitter
- Technical and spatial awareness
- Read drawing
- Two right hands
- VCA is a prè
- VVL is a prè (Safe Moving of Goods)
- WFPr a prè (Working with Flanges according to protocol)


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