Jobs As Verzorgende-IG (Assistant Nurses/Caregivers) In Dutch Nursing Homes

Avant Talent Group BV.

26-07-2022 | EXPIRA LA 28-07-2022

Job expirat


Are you looking for a nice job in elderly care in the Netherlands? Is it your passion to care for the elderly who need care?

We are looking for qualified verzorgenden IG (best translated as licensed practical nurses) for healthcare organizations De Wever and WelThuis for an average of 24 tot 36 hours per week. De Wever and WelThuis have various locations where (residential) care is offered. Through this vacancy we are looking for Verzorgenden IG for the following location(s):

At De Wever there are 8 vacancies verzorgenden IG on the locations De Kievitshorst (2), Notre Dame (2), Joannes Zwijsen (2), and De Heikant (2).
At WelThuis there are 5 vacancies verzorgenden IG on the locations De Bovenberghe (3) and Borchleen (2).

How's the work?
Nursing homes provide residential care for the elderly or disabled. Nursing homes are used by people who do not need to be in a hospital but cannot be cared for at home. As a verzorgende IG you work in low to medium complex care situations that are predictable and not life-threatening. You are expected to work in a team as well as independently. The work may include technical nursing work and much of the basic care activities, also known as activities of daily living, assisting in bathing and dressing residents, assisting residents with meals either serving or feeding, transferring from and to the bed or wheelchair, making and cleaning beds, assisting with toilet visits.


Is this you?
We are looking for motivated and qualified verzorgende IG. We are looking for applicants who meet the following job requirements:

- You master the Dutch language in word and writing, at least at level 2F/B1,
- You can submit a VOG (we will reimburse the costs),
- You enjoy working with the elderly and convey this to the clients,
- You are allowed to work in the Netherlands without a work permit or you have a work permit,
- You are willing to work in different shifts according to the schedule (short, long and occasional nights),
- You have an MBO-3 diploma in verzorgende IG, an equivalent, or a certificate from CIBG (CIBG is an organization under the Dutch ministry of Public Health, we can help you request this if you do not have it yet) stating that you are authorized to work as a verzorgende IG,
- Relevant work experience and current practical knowledge is an advantage.

Apply Now
You can apply for this vacancy via Avant Talent Group. If you prefer, you can of course also apply with De Wever and WelThuis directly via their website. Send your resume, including motivation letter in Dutch or English and proof that you meet the diploma requirements to

Graduated abroad or not yet fluent in Dutch?
Avant Talent Group offers a unique program for healthcare professionals who have been trained abroad as registered nurses or practical/technical nurses to qualify for Dutch healthcare. We help you to master the Dutch language, we guide your application for recognition of your foreign qualifications, we offer you accredited professional training and we guarantee you a job in healthcare. This way you can continue your career in the Netherlands in no time!

Take a quick look at our website for more information and contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Your terms of employment
- Immediately an employment contract for an indefinite period,
- Salary and working conditions according to the collective labor agreement,
- At De Wever a monthly salary from €1902 to €2763 in FWG 35 of the CAO VVT based on 36 hours/week,
- At WelThuis a monthly salary from €2007 to €2972 in FWG 40 of the CAO VVT based on 36 hours/week,
- Depending on your travel distance, you will receive a travel allowance in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement,
- Plenty of development opportunities and space to develop yourself.


Avant Talent Groep werft gediplomeerde en gemotiveerde vakkrachten voor verzorgende en verpleegkundige functies, zowel in binnen- als buitenland. Naast de werving en selectie, biedt Avant ook een opleiding aan (Avant Academy) waarbij zorgprofessionals binnen 36 weken aan de vereisten voldoen om te werken in de Nederlandse zorg.

Ben je op zoek naar een baan binnen de zorg? Ben je als zorginstelling op zoek naar personeel? Of ben je geïnteresseerd in de Avant Academy? Bekijk dan zeker even de website.