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18-04-2011 | EXPIRA LA 18-05-2011

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Are you crazy about sports, dancing, acting or working with children? Do you have the adventurous spirit to free yourself, and explore new parts of the world? Did you ever imagine you could find yourself waking up to the sunshine every morning in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, UAE …? Palmera Club is the place for you to find the adventure of your lifetime: meeting new people, learning languages, and discovering new cultures from all around the world.
In addition, we organize a Seminar and Training period to help our potential employees to understand and excel at the job, all free of charge. We take value in making sure all of our staff receives the best training and preparations before they join a team. At Palmera Club, we're proud to offer a chance to be a part of a company that cares for your personal success.
Palmera Club offers its staff:
• Full Accommodation and Board
• Flight Ticket reimbursement
• Additional commission-based pay
• Transportation
• Seminar and Training
• Attractive salary depends of the skills and experience
positions available for the upcoming season: All-Around Animators, Sports Animators, Kids Animators, sports teachers , fitness instructors ,Djs for light and sound system, Choreographers, Chief Animators, Dancers, Dance Captains, vocalists Singer, graphic’s designer, Show Producers, Stage Masters, Costume Tailors, Decorators... etc. professional performers like acrobats, jugglers, cabarets performer , magician, circus acts, or famous groups shows from all over the world; like Brazilian Capoeira, Russian Ballet, or Chinese Tumbling...


experience, english language


Agentia EUworking Staff Solutions cu noul sediu in Romania, Str. Grivitei, Nr.A 96, Jud.Brasov, precum si punctul de lucru din Grecia, Neos Marmaras reprezentata de o intreaga echipa de profesionisti cu reala experienta in domeniu, recruteaza urgent pentru programele “Trainee & Travel” perioada de sezon sau permanent, personal calificat pentru domenii: turism/hotelier, IT, electricitate / mecanica etc.
De aceea in colaborare si prin bunavointa partenerilor nostrii straini, dorim sa asiguram noi locuri de munca / practica cetatenilor romani sau cu rezidenta in Romania.
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