Head of Operations located in Pipera


03-04-2023 | EXPIRA LA 03-04-2023

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What is "Aduce"

A company that wants to become a market leader in food deliveries and more.

What You’ll Do

Be responsible for Aduce's comprehensive operational process, from the moment a product enters our warehouse to when it gets delivered to the doorstep of people in Bucharest.
Location: Pipera

Under your leadership, your department will:

Find suitable commercial property in new regions.
Oversee warehouse fit-outs.
Test and determine the most efficient mode of transports for super-fast delivery.
Coordinate the timely delivery and subsequent logistical organization of the delivery fleet.
Recruit and manage delivery people, without ever taking that “safety-first” hat off.
Establish best practice processes for stock-keeping, ensuring the sustainability of our inventory.
Build relationships with the humans who work in your organization, regardless of level/seniority. They should all feel comfortable in raising issues with you.
Prioritize the safety and wellbeing of people first. Aduce's speed is not dependent on the people doing things fast.
Manage teams in numerous warehouses spread across the city of Bucharest, including but not limited to warehouse operators and the delivery people who use it as a base.


Qualifications & Requirements

8+ years experience, in both years and content, in operations management and operational development. The more chaotic that experience, the better.
Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university.
A can-do, will-do attitude.
A passion for people in general.
Incredible communication skills, verbally and nowadays digitally.
Previous experience in technology companies with an operations focus is preferred.

Please send e-mail to: info@aduce.eu