Environmental Specialist for high voltage transmission lines routes and substations (OHTL HV)


17-05-2017 | EXPIRA LA 16-06-2017

Job expirat


Detailed tasks:
• Advise and make recommendations on the environmental aspects of the projects and oversea application of mitigation measures and ESMP for facilities (power lines, operation base, etc.);
• Supervision, coordination and management of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies (ESIA); Resettlement Policy Frameworks (RPF) and Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) for Energy Projects;
• Initial environmental evaluation and detailed Environment impact Assessment of high voltage transmission lines routes and substations;
• Contribution to Inception Report, review of ESMP and review of environmental section of Bidding Documents;
• On site follow-up of work for the environmental, health and safety follow-up and preparation and periodic report of environmental, health and safety measures (taken and pending);
• Review of work and surveillance program planned by the Contractors relating to the ESMP;
• Training programs and capacity building. Provide training and technical discussions with Client Staff and answer questions;
• Identification and analysis of environmental stakes and preparation of specific environmental clauses within an international Call for Proposals;
• Definition of the survey methodology of households and communities affected by the ROW - development of consultation and data collection instruments, including questionnaires, prepare, organize and provide social survey training to local consultants, supervision of the survey data analysis concerning impacted households and communities, evaluation of compensation and of relocation needs, elaboration of a social impact and relocation monitoring program, supervision of the production and review of the social impact and RAP reports;
• Ensure the smooth implementation of international best practices and compliance with World Bank/EBRD/KfW/AfDB and the Government environmental safeguards.


• University degree (Bachelor / Masters) in Environmental Sciences;
• A minimum of 5 years work experience in Environment impact Assessment of high voltage transmission lines routes and substations or similar projects;
• English or/and french should be good/perfect in speaking, writing and reading.


• Company offers real challenges, a lot of work, motivating compensation and benefits package, good career development possibilities.

Details: www.QLT.ro


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