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12-08-2014 | EXPIRA LA 13-08-2014

Job expirat


This is a project that one of our partners is running worldwide.
They are looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset who would like to participate in establishing a global company, people who are willing to be part of a well designed system with a clear Business Objective.
The new business venture will be developed at the country level initially and then will be merged with the other countries that have achieved the business objectives.


We are looking for people with a drive for success who are financialy stable and willing to invest mostly time and a small capital into a great venture. After an initial screening process the qualified people would be interviewed and selected candidates will be asked to sign and NDA (non disclosure agreement) in order to receive the information package about the new venture. You can apply here or forward your cv and cover letter to info@robb.ro


Devide and Conquer is the business principle of today's business environment.
Share and Lead is our business principle. This is the same principle people from IT have developed the Open Source model that has produced the most inovative Operating System called Linux.


Societate avand ca obiect de activitate principal consultanta in afaceri si training-ul pe teme de afaceri