Art Director


12-04-2013 | EXPIRA LA 12-04-2013

Job expirat


Engine and platform technical constraints
> Is comfortable with the platform and engine constraints.
> Applies optimization to his work.

Artistic skills
> Shares advice and suggestions on the application of graphic principles.
> Suggests new ideas for graphic references for the project.
> Participates in the project's artistic direction

2D software
> Has very good knowledge of one 2D software.
> Has basic knowledge of other 2D softwares.

Ergonomic concepts
> Anticipates end-client's requirements.
> Looks for coherence and homogeneity.
> Efficiently balances esthetics with usability efficiently.

> Is able to express his vision and ideas through concept arts

3D software
> Has good knowledge of one 3D software.

Modeling techniques
> Has basic knowledge of modeling techniques.
> Optimizes his models to respect the constraints.

Texture mapping & Material
> Has good knowledge of texture mapping and material.
> Efficiently uses the texture space and takes into consideration the pixel ratio.

Lighting and shadowing techniques
> Starts to apply the project engine's lighting and shadowing systems principles.
> Has basic knowledge of lighting techniques.

Construction rules
> Anticipates challenges regarding construction and finds solutions.

Gameplay knowledge
> Participates in the elaboration of the level plan as the artistic reference


The Art Director is responsible for the game graphic production quality and content, and ensures that visual elements are credible and consistent with the game's vision.

> Extends his/her vision to the whole game
> Understands technical constraints and maintain attainable artistic ambitions
> Shares his artistic vision with the team
> Advises, monitors and corrects the work of the artists on the team
> Demonstrates excellent communication skills (ability to efficiently promote vision, methods and views to other members of the team)
> Has excellent artistic skills within the team
> Brings many added-value ideas to the table and be ambitious when setting quality standards for his/her work
> Interacts regularly with Game Design teams


We have salaries to motivate you, bonuses for your performances, medical services to keep you safe and sound, meal tickets to use them wherever you want and free access to relaxing and fitness room.
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Since it was founded in 1986, Ubisoft has gradually and successfully integrated these three core activities. The company now has development teams of exceptional quality, acknowledged expertise in marketing and global distribution channels, with offices in 22 different countries.
Around 2.000 employees all work toward a common goal: the creation of high-quality games for a growing and increasingly demanding audience of gamers.