QM Audits Plant

LEONI Wiring Systems

19-01-2015 | EXPIRA LA 18-02-2015

Job expirat


- internal audits planning & performing as per VA3011 requirements
- support the issuing of the Regional Annual Internal Auditing plan for QMS and Process Audits as per VA3011
- issue annually a plant SWOT Analysis, considering the results of plant audits ( particular attention is paid to the "high priority issues" from the WSD audit strategy)
- contact person for unplanned plant audits
- Establish a list of plant Auditors including qualification for different customers
- maintain the auditors qualification and perfomr the required auditors requalifications per VA3011
- ensure the establishmento of the Action plan within 2 weeks (or as agreed with the team of auditors) after communiation of the audit report
- responsible to give feedback of the implemented actions including their effectiveness to the repsective Audit Coordinator
- Performing internal audits ( System/ Process, also within BG/BU or other central functions)
- support QM Plant sections for customer audits
- Perform audits at the Ramp-up ( independent from BU's)
- plan additional audits for Ramp-up ( independent from BU's)
- ensure the dynamic nature of the annual auditing plan based on the Customers situation and Satisfaction level
- perform unplanned audits when necessary
- support the Implementation of Release protocol PPA AA3134 for new Projects in cooperation with Plant Section QM


- bachelor's degree
- experience in automotive industry is an advantage
- knowledge of MS Office, Statistical analyze programs
- good communication skills
- organizational talents
- adaptability Leadership
- knowledge of ISO TS 16949 standard requirements


Leoni Wiring Systems is a part of Leoni Group, a multinational company with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, with a staff of 21,000 worldwide manufacturing wires, cables and wiring systems for automotive, home appliance, communication and mechanical engineering industries. As one of the market leaders, Leoni Wiring Systems has nearly 16,000 employees worldwide and is supplying some of the most prestigious clients in the automotive industry: Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Porsche, Rover, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, etc. The wiring systems division has developed rapidly in the past years due to the subcontracting tendency in the automotive industry required by fluctuating demand and a permanent request for cost reduction.
In order to consolidate its leader position Leoni Wiring Systems has decided to develop projects in Eastern Europe with production units in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania.
Due ti its strategic geographical position allowing fast delivery and a flexible work force, Romania is also an attractive country for the implementation of Leoni projects. The first Leoni unit in Romania is in Arad since 1999 employing 2,150 people supplying to Rover Group, Ford Premier Automotive Group, Aston Martin, Mc Laren, DAF.
In 2002 has started in Bistrita the building of the second Leoni unit in Romania, producing wiring systems for Daimler Chrysler and BMW.
Leoni represent a chance for all school leavers and graduates. The company is offering the possibility to learn a new job and build a career in a multinational environment.