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16-01-2017 | EXPIRA LA 15-02-2017

Job expirat


Our company needs care assistant, both female and male, with or without driving license. Couples are also accepted. The salary is £7.20/h for 37,5 hours and extra hours are paid with £7.30/h . There are daily shifts and night shifts available. The candidates will be paid every Friday. The first payment will be after 3 weeks from arrival.


The candidate responsibilities are: to feed the patient, to give them the medication (based on the recipe) , help them to get dressed and to go to the bathroom, hygiene, making the cleaning and the laundry.

The candidate has to speak B1 English.

Each candidate will have a 5 day training, after they arrive to Leicester.

During the training, the accommodation must be paid and is £90. The training costs is of £200 , but it is for free and will be deducted only if the candidate leaves the job before contract ends.


The 5 training courses are: 1.Health and safety ; 2. Moving and handling; 3. Infection Control; 4.Safeguarding of vulnerable adults and 5. Moving and handling theory.

After the training, each candidate is sent to a care home. The deposit for accommodation is at first paid by the employer £250 - £300, but deducted from the first 3 salaries. This means that from the first 3 salaries, the candidates will pay app. £100.

The candidates must have with them black T-shirt, black pants and dark color shoes as uniform.

The candidates must have with them £350 -£400 at beginning : £90 accommodation during training, £50 transport from Leicester to care home , £50 Criminal record , food (until they receive their first salary, after the first 3 weeks - 1 week training, 2 weeks worked).


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