Despre Diamax Corporation

Diamax is headquartered in Washington DC with an expanding global clientele that includes influential organizations such as the World Bank and the National Academy of Engineering, and private consortiums such as the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America. We focus on helping our customers solve problems and make better decisions by accessing the experience and knowledge within their organizations and industries. We build communities called exchanges that facilitate the dissemination of manuals, reports, curated collections, and case libraries. We also enable timely access to coworkers, former employees, and experts who possess tacit knowledge and experience.

In other words, we are a company on the cutting edge of digital integration and committed to the idea that the pursuit of knowledge is inherent to humanity and progress. We believe that experience matters and that the access to collated information is not a replacement for people, but a pivotal step towards helping them achieve more.

Constantly innovating at the intersection of digital media, creative engineering, and design strategy; our enterprising SaaS software (called Miliu) has allowed Diamax to grow more than 100% over the past 2 years and we expect to double again in the next 12 months.
Our team is a motley crew of technology professionals with passions for technology that connects people through content, creative problem solving, and beer. Guided by our values, driven by our team, Diamax is a culture of curiosity and invention oriented towards customer success since 1998.

Our success is only sustainable when an extraordinary team comes together so we are working diligently to get it right, one employee at a time.


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