Soferi profesionisti sau lucratori in domeniul agricol


15-03-2009 | EXPIRA LA 29-03-2009

Job suspendat de catre administratorul site-ului


Locatie: South-Dakota, North-Dakota, Minnessota, Arkansas si altele

Salarizare: intre 9.72$ si 12.70$/ora in functie de stat

Ore de munca: peste 10-12 ore/zi

Cazare: gratuita


Experienta: carnet de sofer profesionist pentru domeniul soferi si experienta in domeniul agricol pentru lucratori.

Nivel cunoastere limba engleza: minim-conversational

Bilet avion: se ramburseaza complet pe durata contractului.

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TransUSA is a company established in Romania that has, as a major objective, the activity of creating training and work opportunities for the recent graduates in Romania or for the students who want to take part in summer exchange programs.

Our agency has a well-established principle which influences and underlines all our activity. This principle is based on the mutual respect and high level of professionalism. Our company respects each candidate and, in the same time, expects a high determination of the participants. Due to this principle, our relation process is well developed and challenging for our candidates.

The activity of our agency is suitable with the modern trends of globalization that influence all the spheres of activity. The basic objective of our company is to create and develop international training and work opportunities for the young graduates in Romania. They are searching for these opportunities in order to enhance their skills and abilities in the field of activity they majored. Our company is a legal and authorized agent that opens these exchange opportunities for the young people interested to excel in their future careers.

TransUSA facilitated last year a number of 237 internships in the field of hospitality management. The selected applicants were granted with internships in famous American companies (corporations) like the Hyatt Resorts, Marriott, Ritz-Charlton and others.

The training / internship programs are for duration of 6-18 months and the trainees rotate in the various departments of the host company. By rotating the participants, these companies ensure an exhaustive and complete training of the people. During this year (2005), until month of October, our company facilitated a number of 283 training contracts at successful American corporations.

The goal of our agency is to excel in the domain of international training programs placements. This goal will give to the young people in Romania the chance to improve their educational and work background.

The training programs will be an achievement for the host companies. Their business will get waive of refreshment by placing people from various cultural and ethnic environments. The partner companies will become a perfect place of work and cultural exchange between the trainees and the other employees.

Besides the training programs, our agency creates work opportunities for the selected applicants, who will be granted H2B work visas by the American Embassy in Romania. The participants in these programs are interested to work in American companies for duration of 6-12 months. Their objective is to improve their work skills in a professional work environment.

Last year, our company created 148 work contracts in the USA, and during this year we created 47 H2B visa contracts.

Our agency intends to enlarge its activity and to become an intermediate for a larger number of internships and summer work & travel contracts. This is the reason why we are looking for a serious and professional partner company in the United States of America that can create training and work openings for the students and young graduates in Romania.