Senior Assembler in Malta

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Job Purpose

The primary purpose of the role is to supervise and manage a team responsible for undertaking on site assembly duties.
Areas of Responsibility

Responsible for successfully overseeing project installations to ensure that they are completed on time and to budget.
Managing a team of people.
Operating both hand tools and power tools.

Level of Supervision Provided

Direct Supervision: The supervisor gives specific or on-going instructions on all assignments. The supervisor assures that the work is accurate and in compliance with instructions or established procedures.
Intermittent Supervision: The supervisor gives assignments by defining objectives, priorities and deadlines, and assists the employee with unusual situations that do not have clear objectives.

Administrative Supervision: The supervisor sets the overall objectives and resources available. Supervisor and employee, in consultation, develop deadlines, projects, and work to be done. The employee plans and carries out the assignment, resolves most of the conflicts, and coordinates work with others. The employee keeps the supervisor informed of progress, potentially controversial matters, or far-reaching implications.
General Direction: Assignments carried out in terms of broad practice, precedents, policies, and goals. Work may be reviewed by direct supervisor for fulfilment of final objectives and conformance with applicable policies and practices.
Long-Range Administrative Direction: The employee generally proceeds independently in accordance with general plans, policies and purposes of the department/organisation. Results of work are considered technically authoritative and are normally accepted without significant change.


Qualifications, Skills and Competencies

A clean driving licence.
A reasonable command of both written and spoken Maltese and English.
Able to handle electrical and hand tools.
An appreciation that personal appearance reflects on the business so there is a requirement to always be well groomed.
Able to understand technical drawings and assembly instructions.
Physically fit, able to undertake manual handling tasks.


Basic salary range: €15.600 - €20,000 gross annually
Over-time 150%;200%
600 bonus annually
Free ticket
Free accommodation first month


The Profiles
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