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16-12-2018 | EXPIRA LA 16-12-2018

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a. Interpret and read electrical plan drawings and schematics
b. Work on commercial and industrial types of installation including laying of conduit pipes (rigid and flexible, PVC and metal) , installation of cable trunking (PVC and metal) , installation of cable basket (metal) , installation of cable tray
c. Wire single phase and three phase lighting, power (single and three phase) and ELV systems
d. Install and terminate electrical devices
e. Test electrical cables with insulation tester
f. Terminate electrical distribution boards and panels
g. Test and fault find using test multi meters
h. Fill in test sheets and update As fitted drawings
i. Interpretation of electrical drawings, data sheets, termination details, panel drawings and other design documents
4. We will assess the above skills on a 1 or 2 day trial on site
5. The contract will be an indefinite contract with a 6 month paid probation (trial) period
6. Working hours Mon-Fri 40 hour week (0700-1530 with 30 min break)
7. You will report to work in our office or directly on site
8. Any hours worked outside this will be paid on overtime (1.5 on weekdays and saturday and x 2 on sunday)
9. For every one month worked you will have 16 hours of paid vacation leave
10. For first year you will not be paid for sick leave (you can take vacation instead)
11. After 1 yr of employment entitlement for sick leave is -- 15 days full pay-- 15 days half pay


1. Must speak good English
2. Can work on their own


GROSS ANNUAL wage is as follows
Starting €14500 - 15600 (this depends on the feedback of how good you actually are)
After Six months probation (depending on performance) €16000-16500
Over-time 150%;200%
600 bonus annually
Free ticket
Free accommodation first month


The Profiles
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