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Bani part-time
  • - Persoane sociabile şi serioase Vârsta minim 16 ani

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Fact Checker and Researcher
  • - Great attention to detail
  • - English at a proficiency level
  • - Organised, hardworking and available for long hours
  • - Bachelor's degree (or higher) in economics, and/or at least 2 years experience in a relevant field

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Financial Analyst
  • - Great attention to detail
  • - English at a proficiency level
  • - Organised, hardworking and available for long hours
  • - Experience in the financial sector is a plus but is NOT required in order to learn and do well in this position.
  • - a bachelor's degree or higher in finance or statistics is a big plus

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Manager raion food/nonfood
  • - 1
  • - 3 ani experienta relevanta in COMERT
  • - studii superioare
  • - cunoasterea limbii franceze
  • - constituie avantaj
  • - onestitate
  • - capacitate de efort sustinut
  • - abilitati de coorodonare si management al echipei

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Secretara/Junior manager
  • - Abilitati excelente de comunicare, convingere si negociere; Persoana serioasa, pozitiva, deschisa, capacitate de utilizare a calculatorului,

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Confidential 18-07-2014 Toate orasele
Sales/Marketing Expert - Expert Vanzari/Marketing
  • - Cerinte: – Experienta de minim 3 ani in vanzari/marketing, ideal in domeniul produselor si serviciilor educationale – studii si/sau contacte relevante in domeni constituie un avantaj substantial – Limba engleza la nivel conversational (echipa este internationala) – Auto
  • - motivat, proactiv, disciplinat, orientat spre rezultate.

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Director Tehnic
  • - Studii superioare finalizate: inginer electromecanic sau instalatii; Experienta in munca: minim 5 ani; Limba Engleza la nivel avansat, limba germana constituie un avantaj; Disponibilitate la program prelungit; Deplasari multiple pe perioade mai lungi; Experienta in domeniul zootehnic reprezinta un avantaj; Rezistenta la stres; Cunostiinte MS Office, inclusiv Outlook;

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Wordpress Plugin Developer
  • - So if you’re a guy or a girl who:
    - Can easily develop a WordPress plugin given a set of functional and technical requirements and come up with better requirements themselves;
    - Has proven experience in developing WordPress plugins;
    - Knows how to combine your CSS with your jQuery and hook it properly;
    - Knows how to write decent inline documentation according to the WordPress standards;
    - Enjoy collaborating with open source developers from all over the world;
    - Can fix a bug in any of our plugins when you’ve been given access to a client’s site and have to figure out yourself what is going wrong;
    - Has the ability to iterate and ship ideas quickly, with loose (at best) direction;
    - Basic knowledge of typography and design, with the ability to create simple and usable interfaces;
    - Must be comfortable with customer
  • - facing roles including support and documentation;
    - Great communication skills;
    - Self
  • - driven work ethic. You need to be a self
  • - starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion;
    - Curiosity and the desire to learn. Our business is changing and growing fast, who knows what will be the skills of tomorrow? Flexibility is key.

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22-07-2014 Arad Alte orase
Cautam colaboratori
  • - atitudine pozitiva experienta in vanzari constituie avantaj bune abilitati de comunicare munca in echipa

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Representantes de Servicios para los Clientes
  • - Estás hablando y escribiendo el español de manera cursiva? Tienes acceso a una conexión de internet rápida? Conoces y sabes usar los principales programas de una computadora ( MS Office, e
  • - mail, internet, chat)? Tienes conocimientos de online trading? Tienes tu propio celular? Tienes un lugar tranquilo en tu casa dónde podrías trabajar durante 8 horas?

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Operator Call Center limba italiana
  • - Abilitati foarte bune de comunicare verbala in limba italiana; Disponibilitate de relocare in Constanta (Candidatii pot proveni din orice parte a tarii!); Cunostinte generale de operare calculator; Punctualitate, spirit de echipa, atitudine pozitiva; Disponibilitate de lucru conform unui program flexibil; Nu este necesara experienta anterioara in call center.

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09-07-2014 Toate orasele
Inginer calitate, cunoscator Metrologie
  • - Studii superioare tehnice
  • - 3
  • - 5 ani experienta in companii internationale in domeniul controlului calitatii
  • - Cunostinte teoretice avansate in domeniul calitatii ( ex. CMK , CPK)
  • - Cunostinte de desen tehnic si capacitatea de a intocmi planuri de control pentru componente
  • - Cunostinte avansate in ceea ce priveste componentele, materialele si tehnologia,
  • - Capacitatea de a realiza masuratori de complexitate medie/ mare (de ex. Masini de masurare 3D)
  • - Expertiza chimica si electrica a materialelor(directivele UE , caietul de sarcini ROHS , REACH , ... )
  • - Interfata cu organismele de cerificare
  • - Cunostinte avansate de IT: ( SAP , Office Suite , Minitab
  • - Limba engleza nivel conversational.

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09-07-2014 Arad Alte orase
Inginer/ tehnician calitate proces
  • - Studii tehnice
  • - 2
  • - 3 ani experienta in domeniul calitatii de proces
  • - Abilitati de masurare si control
  • - Cunosterea proceselor mecanice, termice
  • - Capacitatea de a citi si interpreta desenele componentelor
  • - Cunostinte de CPCPK
  • - Limba engleza nivel mediu

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09-07-2014 Arad Alte orase
  • - welder certificate,money in advance for rent 60/80 per week,experience required,available as soon as posibile,money for transport to job destination,serious person Cv in english at : office@euroinfojobs.com

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Confidential 08-07-2014 Toate orasele
Online Marketing Specialist - Adwords Assistant Account M...
  • - At least 1 year previous experience working with Google Adwords (Bing Ads).
  • - Good English reading and writing skills needed
  • - Flexible Schedule, some of the scheduled hours need to be during U.S. morning time
  • - Good Internet Connection
  • - Please send your CV in english

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02-07-2014 Toate orasele
Lead Java Programmer
  • - Required expertise:
  • - Java
  • - multithreading
  • - ability to design and maintain a large codebase
  • - Application UI implementation (AWT, Swing, JavaFX, Web, or other)
  • - Comfortable mentoring and managing tasks for self and other developers Extra credit for:
  • - JavaFX 2+
  • - OpenGL
  • - Garbage collection analysis and performance tuning Please send: 1) Resume in English 2) Please take the following English typing test, and send me a screenshot of your results: http://10fastfingers.com/typing
  • - test/english 3) Do you have any already existing exemplary Java code you wrote that you could share with us to review?

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02-07-2014 Toate orasele
Agenti vanzari cosmetice in mall - Italia, Anglia, German...
  • - tineri cu varste intre 20
  • - 27 ani,
  • - limba engleza nivel mediu pentru Anglia
  • - limba italiana mediu pentru Italia, limba germana la nivel mediu pentru Germania
  • - experienta in promotii, vanzari sau servicii de infrumusetare reprezinta avantaj,
  • - dorinta de a castiga cat mai mult.

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Confidential 01-07-2014 Toate orasele
Agent vânzări – Segment Rezidenţial
  • - minim studii medii si aptitudini de operare PC
    - bune abilitati de comunicare si capacitate de lucru in echipa
    - orientare catre rezultate si disponibilitate de munca in teren Postul este cu contract de munca pe perioadă nedeterminată. Transportul pe teren este asigurat de angajator.

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23-06-2014 Toate orasele
Customer Service Representative
  • - You will have the freedom to work from home! You only need ambition, Internet, phone and fluency in English! And, of course, the willingness to work 8 hours a day. Looking forward to have you in our team!

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