Senior Project Manager

Steel Pencil Pty Ltd

09-07-2013 | EXPIRA LA 11-07-2013

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Senior Project Manager
Steel Detailing - New Company
Steel Pencil is a New Zealand company with a production office in the Philippines. We carry out building modelling and steel detailing work around the world, including work in the Australian mining industry.
It is our intention to establish a production office in Iasi. We are looking for our first appointment, an experienced senior detailer with project management abilities. The role includes:-
• advertising for and employing suitable detailers experienced in Tekla Structures,
• learning and teaching the Steel Pencil systems,
• ensuring the office meets demanding production rates and quality standards.
It is intended that the office will be lead by a General Manager and a Financial Officer. Until these positions are appointed the Senior Project Manager will be expected to play a role in:-
• establishing the office,
• Complying with all administration and IT systems,
• Liaising closely with management in New Zealand.
The role will report to the General Manager but until that appointment is made will report to directors in New Zealand; excellent English is essential.
Support and direction will be available from our General Manager in Manila who is of Romanian birth.
Some travel will be necessary, including an initial training period in New Zealand.
Please apply in writing with a full CV to


Cunostinte temeinice de proiectare si desenare folosind Tekla Structures 17 - 18;
Nivel avansata de limba engleza;
Experienta in coordonarea proiectelor de proiectare si desenare;


Salariu negociabil si bonusuri pe baze de performanta


Companie de cosnultanta tehnica si proiectare pentru constructii