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Bani part time
  • - Persoane sociabile şi serioase Vârsta minimă 16 ani

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19-08-2017 Toate orasele

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19-08-2017 Craiova

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19-08-2017 Craiova
Team leaderi, Optometristi, Reprezentanti medicali si Liv...
  • - Team leader:
  • - Mentinerea portofoliului de clienti
  • - Urmarirea zilnica a activitatii personalului
  • - Organziarea si distribuirea resurselor umane la locul de munca;
  • - Atingerea si depasirea targetelor de productivitate si vanzare ale echipei;
  • - Contribuirea la imbunatatirea proceselor existente tinand cont de perspectiva clientilor si beneficiile aduse companiei
  • - Disponibilitate la deplasari
  • - Orice alte sarcini relevante postului Optometrist:
  • - Consultatii si determinare dioptrii clienti
  • - Identificarea nevoilor clientilor si formularea de recomandari competente
  • - Disponibilitate la deplasari
  • - Orice alte sarcini relevante postului Reprezentant vanzari:
  • - Consilierea clientului privind alegerea ramei si/ sau lentilelor
  • - Promovarea ofertelor de rame, lentile si ochelari de vedere sau de soare
  • - Disponibilitate la deplasari
  • - Orice alte sarcini relevante postului Livrator/ Incasator:
  • - Transportarea marfii in baza documentelor insotitoare
  • - Livrarea comenzilor
  • - Preluarea comenzilor din depozit
  • - Incasarea sumelor de bani prin numarare faptica
  • - Disponibilitate la deplasari
  • - Orice alte sarcini relevante postului

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19-08-2017 BUCURESTI Alte orase
Night / Shift Front Office Agent (RECEPTIONIST) Malta
  • - Main Tasks
    - Know the standards and put them into practice in his/her daily work, thus actively pursuing the hotel’s objectives.
    - Be come familiar with all work sequences within the Front Office / Concierge Department and room types.
    - Be available for guests at all times as a point of contact and co
  • - responsibility for appropriate treatment of guest complaints, passing on and documenting such complaints.
    - Maintain regular contact with in
  • - house guests.
    - Check
  • - in / Check
  • - out Procedures
    - Contact arrivals and ensure their satisfaction – action any feedback in the correct way and as per standards required.
    - Attend regularly in departmental meetings.
    - Keep a good rapport with all Tour Operator couriers and group leaders.
    - Take over from evening Front Office Agent nothing all necessary information, get updated on all situations that occurred during the day such as VIPs in house and also check on all pending arrivals / checkouts.
    - Ensure that accurate records of wake
  • - up calls, newspapers, guest messages and faxes are maintained.
    - Check and monitor any functions taking place at the time.
    - Ensure all staff hand
  • - over procedures are carried out at shift change and that all check & task lists have been completed.
    - Assist in checking VIP arrival rooms and spot checking rooms prior to guests’ arrival.
    - Promote all Hotel Sales and in
  • - house facilities.
    - Ensure that full night audit systems procedures are carried out and all reports are issued and distributed accordingly.
    - Carry out Night Banking in accordance to The Palace procedures.
    - Be responsible for running Daily ‘saves’ and monitoring front office systems. Co
  • - ordinate with any down time procedures and deals with Micros outlets.
    - Deal with any Room Reservation enquiries effectively and complying with procedures.
    - Have knowledge of all equipment and installations on the Executive Floors, and able to work there independently in conformity with the established standard and take over shifts if necessary.
    - Participate in any training courses deemed necessary and put skills learned, into practice.
    - Handling of cash, provide good filing system, accurate end of shift hand over.
    - Assist / relieve Daily Front Office Agent, Concierge, Porter with their duties.
    - Know all tasks on the central telephone switchboard (acceptance and passing on of telephone calls, faxes, messages, etc.), can work independently there and will take over shifts when necessary.
    - Organize desk and plan for adequate future manning of the desk.

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19-08-2017 Toate orasele
Soferi profesionisti pentru comunitate
  • - atestat transport marfa si card obligatorii experienta reprezinta un avantaj

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17-08-2017 Craiova
  • - This position is responsible for meeting high standards of housekeeping in offices, meeting rooms, public areas, bathrooms, housekeeping closets, and other areas within the facilities. Duties include floor maintenance, dusting, gathering and removal of trash, and snow and ice removal from entrance ways and sidewalks. Reports needed equipment and building repair and any unsafe or unusual housekeeping situations. Responsible for the care and handling of housekeeping supplies, equipment and assigned keys. Occasionally assists with the preparation of regularly scheduled events.
  • - Knowledge of cleaning methods.
  • - Ability to comprehend and follow instructions, and properly use or learn to use cleaning chemicals and agents, including dilution and dispensing systems.
  • - Housekeeping/cleaning experience in an institutional, or commercial cleaning environment (such as hospitality (hotel/motel), commercial cleaning company, manufacturing, health care facilities, etc.).
  • - Previous experience operating professional cleaning equipment

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15-08-2017 Toate orasele
Reprezentant vanzari anvelope
  • - studii medii;
  • - experienta in vanzari de teren;
  • - abilitati de comunicare si relationare;
  • - abilitati de planificare si organizare;
  • - abilitati de negociere;
  • - orientare catre client si rezultate;
  • - capacitate de lucru in echipa;
  • - experienta in dezvoltarea si mentinerea relatiilor cu clientii;
  • - permis de conducere categoria B;
  • - disponibilitate de deplasare;

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14-08-2017 Braila Alte orase
Asistent manager
  • - Cunostinte calculator si navigare internet Persoana ordonata. comunicativa si sociabila. Nefumatoare reprezinta avantaj

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15-08-2017 Craiova
Reprezentant Vanzari
  • - Descrierea jobului
  • - Administrarea si dezvoltarea portofoliului de clienti pe zona alocata (constructori, revanzatori, clienti finali, etc) ;
  • - Prospectarea pietei si promovarea produselor companiei (materiale de constructii si finisaje)
  • - Negocierea conditiilor de livrare, modalitatilor de plata, termenelor de livrare si de plata, respectand procedurile firmei;
  • - Analizarea cerintelor clientilor si acordarea consultantei privind caracteristicile produselor si conditiilor de vanzare;

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14-08-2017 Craiova

24 joburi care ti se potrivesc au fost publicate in aceasta saptamana

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  • - Cerinte:
    - Studii medii/ superioare, de specialitate in domeniul tehnic
    - Experienta de minimum 3 ani pe un post similar;
    - Experienta in coordonarea de lucrari de specialitate
    - Experienta in gestionarea de bugete si echipe de lucru.

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11-08-2017 Craiova
Tehnician mentenanta electromecanica
  • - Studii medii tehnice (constituie avantaj profil electromecanic sau mecanic); Experienta in intretinerea de utilaje (constituie avantaj); Disponibilitate la program de lucru in ture; Autorizatie ISCIR(constituie avantaj);

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10-08-2017 Craiova
Gazist/ Sanitarist/ Specialist Instalatii Termice
  • -Experinta in domeniul executiei verificarilor si reviziilor instalatiilor de gaze naturale – 2
  • - 3 ani
    - Atestat/diploma/calificare gazist
    -Permis categoria B

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07-08-2017 Craiova
Promoter - vanzator cosmetice in mall - Dubai, Qatar, EU
  • - Candidatul ideal:
  • - limba engleza la nivel mediu/avansat pentru toate locatiile
  • - experienta in promotii, vanzari directe, call center, servicii clienti
  • - reprezinta avantaj, dar nu este obligatorie
  • - dorinta de a castiga cat mai mult.
  • - persoane energice, comunicative, vesele, perseverente, optimiste.

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07-08-2017 Toate orasele
Consultant fonduri europene
  • - Candidatul ideal:
    - Studii superioare finalizate: diploma de licenta/master in domeniul economic/managementul afacerilor/studii europene;
    - Certificate sau calificari in domeniu (constituie un avantaj);
    - Experienta in scrierea si implementarea proiectelor din fonduri europene nerambursabile;
    - Cunostinte de operare PC (Word, Excel). Cerinte privind competentele candidatului:
    - Relationare cu clientii si negociere;
    - Atentie la detalii;
    - Bun organizator;
    - Capacitate de analiza si sinteza;
    - Proactivitate;
    - Capacitatea de a lucra organizat cu termene limita;
    - Orientarea spre rezultate si dorinta de perfectionare in domeniul consultantei in management;
    - Abilitati de comunicare si organizare;
    - Spirit de echipa, deschidere spre schimbare;
    - Corectitudine, flexibilitate, perseverenţă;
    - Punctualitate;
    - Capacitate de asimilare informatii noi intr
  • - un timp cat mai scurt.

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07-08-2017 Craiova
Medic de Familie - GERMANIA
  • - Experienta Medic de Familie minim 1 an Nivel de limba Germana – B1 cu posibilitatea atingerii nivelului B2 in 2 luni Dorinta de a lucra intr
  • - un mediu profesionist Dorinta de relocare in Germania pe termen lung, minim 5 ani Compania noastra ofera suport:
  • - pe toata perioada de interviuri
  • - in vederea obtinerii dreptului de libera practica, permisului de lucru, recunoasterii diplomei de Specialist Costurile de interviu in Germania : transport, cazare sunt suportate de compania noastra

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07-08-2017 Toate orasele
SSIF angajeaza personal autorizat ASF
  • - SSIF angajeaza personal autorizat ASF. Autorizatia trebuie sa fie valida in prezent.

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04-08-2017 Craiova
Operator CNC
  • - Cunostinte operare masini cu comanda numerica; Cunostinte desen tehnic si tolerante dimensionale; Operare PC – nivel mediu; Abilitati de comunicare si relationare in echipa.

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03-08-2017 Craiova
Tehnician Slot Machine
  • - Persoana organizata;
  • - Abilitati foarte bune de comunicare si de lucru in echipa;
  • - Capacitate de a lucra intr
  • - un mediu in continua schimbare, de a respecta termene limita;
  • - Receptivitate fata de instructiuni scrise sau verbale;
  • - Disponibilitate pentru deplasare;
  • - Permis categoria B;
  • - Experienta in instalarea / repararea aparatelor tip Slot Machines minim 2 ani;
  • - Experienta in domeniul tehnic de minim 2 ani;
  • - Cunostinte IT hardware: asamblare / instalare / intretinere PC;
  • - Cunostinte retelistica.

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31-07-2017 BUCURESTI Alte orase
Operator Call-Center
  • - Sa iti placa sa comunici si sa vorbesti cu lejeritate cu ceilalti;
  • - Sa fii orientat catre client, sa fii receptiv la nevoile sale;
  • - Sa ai abilitatea de a negocia si de a convinge;
  • - Sa privesti proiectele ca pe o provocare si o oportunitate de dezvoltare.

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31-07-2017 Craiova

24 joburi care ti se potrivesc au fost publicate in aceasta saptamana

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Tehnician de Colorare Arabesque Craiova
  • - Cerinte:
  • - studii medii, de preferinta cu profil chimic
  • - cazier curat
  • - experienta in domeniu constituie avantaj
  • - cunostinte PC medii

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27-07-2017 Craiova
Specialist Resurse Umane
  • - Studii superioare in Psihologie/Resurse Umane/Stiinte juridice/Stiinte Economice;
  • - Experienta intr
  • - o pozitie similara;
  • - Cunoasterea limbii Engleze este obligatorie;
  • - Excelente abilitati de comunicare;
  • - Cunostinte operare calculator: pachetul Microsoft Office, e
  • - mail, etc.
  • - Permis de conducere categoria B.

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26-07-2017 Craiova
Consilier juridic
  • - Studii superioare finalizare
  • - Facultatea de Drept;
  • - Experienta in domeniul juridic;
  • - Cunostinte de Limba Engleza;
  • - Cunostinte solide a pachetului Microsoft Office. Aptitudini necesare ocuparii postului:
  • - Persoana perseverenta si organizata;
  • - Foarte bune abilitati de comunicare, negociere si de solutionare de probleme;
  • - Atitudine pozitiva.

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24-07-2017 Craiova
Sofer profesionist C+E
  • - Permis cat. C+E;
  • - Cunostinte de Limba Italiana (nivel mediu);
  • - Cunostinte de baza de mecanica;
  • - Detinator ADR si card Tahograf;
  • - Experienta de minim 2 ani in transportul de marfuri (de preferat pe camion cu prelata);
  • - Bune competente in conducerea camioanelor de mare tonaj si in activitatile de incarcare/descarcare marfa;
  • - Bune capacitati de orientare stradala;
  • - Cunostinte in ceea ce priveste regulile de circulatie rutiera si respectarea acestora. Aptitudini necesare ocuparii postului:
  • - Persoana harnica si punctuala;
  • - Seriozitate;
  • - Spirit de echipa.

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21-07-2017 BUCURESTI Alte orase

24 joburi care ti se potrivesc au fost publicate in aceasta saptamana

  • Alege sa primesti pe e-mail cele mai bune joburi.
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