R&D Engineer


20-09-2019 | EXPIRA LA 20-09-2019

Job expirat


Do you consider yourself a problem solver who can foresee digital trends?

Job Objectives:
Identifying and developing email strategies for the successful deployment of customers’ online marketing campaigns.


Our R&D Specialists (both employees and partners) usually perform actions like:

Identifying and monitoring anti-spam filters on several domains;
Developing email marketing strategies;
Documenting threats and trends for emailing process;
Operating site maintenance and development;
Managing and developing email testing;
Staying up-to-date with best practices, strategies and industry standards related to emailing;


Knowledge of one or more programming language(s);
Ability to get creative;
Solution oriented;
Good understanding of e-mail setups;


A well-deserved salary and performance commission
“As long as the job gets done” type of flexible hours
“Employee of the month” performance bonus
Referral bonus for getting your friends to work with us
“Birthday Bash at the Wheel of Fortune” (it’s weird but you want it, trust us)
Medical coverage to keep you healthy
Holiday bonification twice a year to keep you happy
Career improvement training and workshops to make you smarter

“Jingle and Mingle” & “Fun in the sun” – the best company parties you’ve ever seen
We hold a cool event every month
Each team goes on outings to keep that flame alive
We have fresh fruit and vegetables, along with coffee and tea to keep that brain in top shape
The onsite snack dispenser is here for those moments when all you need is chocolate


Well, if you’re reading this it means that now we need to woo you. So here goes…

Our projects are smart, so you’ll never get bored. Our office is dashing, the team is witty, creative and fun. That means you’ll get to spend your time productively in a relaxed environment. We love bright people with cool personalities and we also encourage an out-of-the-box mindset. If you feel you’re positively unique, you’ll fit right in.

What do we do, you ask? We provide technological resources for the digital advertising industry. Collaboration and communication between departments is key, allowing us to provide the smoothest solutions to every individual marketing campaign that comes our way.

And to end this description with a typical “blind date cliché” but an unquestionably true one: WE DO WHAT WE LOVE AND WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

If you’re ready to spice things up a notch, apply for one of our open positions and go to emiadotcom to get to know us a little better.