Assistant Waiter

Job Selection, Brasov

20-04-2012 | EXPIRA LA 20-05-2012

Job expirat


•To be prompt for all duties and Functions, as per Company’s standard, 20 minutes prior to inception.
•When assigned to Staff & Crew or Alternate Dining, use Company’s standard table services.
•When assigned to Room Service: Sign the F&B Service Personnel Tracking form. Sign Key Control Log
Sheet (every time key is used. Be on stand by during embarkation.
•To be groomed meticulously and ready for guest service with a smile always following the look book.
•To carry the tools of the trade.
Dining rooms. Table Crumber, Side towel, Pen, Order Pad, Menu Knowledge
Room service. Pen, Menu Knowledge, good verbal communication




C.T.N. JOB SELECTION, Brasov este cea mai renumita firma de recrutare si plasare de forta de munca pentru Vase de Croaziera, consultanta pe piata muncii in domeniul hotelier
Avem o traditie de 14 ani in aceasta industrie si colaboram cu cele mai bune companii de croaziera americane si nu numai.