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23-05-2016 | EXPIRA LA 22-06-2016

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It is the work of The Area coordinator to start new shops and ensure the running of the shops and in doing this the duties are:
to identify new shops at the optimal locations.
to negotiate the optimal terms of renting agreements
to secure that the shop meets the standards set for the chain of shops in respect of repairs, decoration, size, heating, light, etc.
to secure equipment in accordance with the budget
to ensure the supply of sufficient and the right goods to the shops
to ensure the correct legal documentation and contracts
to make and keep the overall budget for the chain of shops.
to ensure that the turnover and the surplus for each shop live up to the standards set for shops.
to keep the costs at a minimum and always within the budget
to ensure efficiency and productivity
to ensure that all procedures in respect of cash handling are followed by all staff.
to ensure that each shop has sufficient security systems
to identify and employ the Shop Managers
to approve on all employments of shop staff.
to develop training programmes for all staff at all levels and ensure that these are carreid out according to plan.
to ensure there is a good and productive spirit among the staff
to solve all problems with the staff
to ensure that staff knows the target for the shops and that each employee knows his/her own targets and responsibilities
to ensure that all demands from all authorities are fulfilled
to ensure that equipment and shops are regularly and well maintained
to develop the shops and create new ways of selling from the shops
to find solutions, proposals and take new initiatives for the benefit of the shop


The Area coordinator is responsible for establishing and running a chain of shops selling second hand clothes and shoes in Romania.
This person is responsible for managing all area staff . This includes participating in the recruiting, selection, and training of the entire staff and the supervision, development, and appraisal of his/her area staff and office assistants.


Romania, Bucuresti, sector 1, str. Dr. Iacob Felix Nr. 28, Etaj 4
Nr. ORCB J40/12364/2003, CUI RO15739037
Capital social subscris si varsat: 392.440 Lei
Nr. autorizatie Agent de Munca Temporara: 17/2005
Autorizatie seria nr. B/ 0000008/25.10.2005
Nr. Operator Date Personale: 15866
Tel: 00 40 21 300 35 46, Fax: 00 40 21 300 35 54
E-mail:, Web:

Romania, Bucuresti, sector 1, str. Dr. Iacob Felix Nr. 28, Etaj 3
Nr. ORCB J40/4467/2000, CUI RO 13002186
Capital social subscris si varsat: 360.575 Lei
Nr. Operator Date Personale: 15862
Tel: 00 40 21 300 35 46, Fax: 00 40 21 300 35 54
E-mail:, Web:

BUCURESTI (HQ)- Doctor Iacob Felix Nr. 28, Sector 1, Tel.: 021/300 35 46; e-mail:

ARAD - Mihai Eminescu nr. 45, Tel: 0257 / 281 147; E-mail:

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CLUJ - Str. Vasile Lupu Nr 36 , Tel: 0264/ 406 234; e-mail:

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ORADEA - Str. Tudor Vladimirescu Nr 26; Tel.: 0040 - 727 735 160 e-mail:

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PLOIESTI - Str Mercurului Nr 1, Tel: 0244/ 519 320; e-mail:

SIBIU - Str. Vasile Milea Nr 11, Ap 57, Tel: 0269 / 206 450; e-mail:

TIMISOARA - Str. Popa Sapca Nr. 12 tel: 0256/ 432 211; e-mail: