Virtual Marketing Assistant

Telemedia SRL

27-07-2011 | EXPIRA LA 26-08-2011

Job expirat


The key role of the Virtual assistant is to provide secretarial, creative, administrative or technical services to medium or small sized business externally and they are independent service providers. They can operate ad online virtual assistants to deliver their service to clients usually by using online communication channels like email, phone and fax.


Roles and Responsibilities
Accounting, buying furniture, making travel arrangements, researching insurance options or supplies are some of the responsibilities of a virtual assistant. He must be able to operate basic equipments like modem, fax machine, copier, computer, printer and scanner. He must be able to provide personal and administrative support and specialized business services. He must be able to provide coaching, real estate, coaching or customer service support. He must be able to provide services like offline and online, website maintenance, graphic and website design, marketing and promotion. He must able to provide researching, delivering writing, and editing services and other secretarial services. He should render services like accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, desktop publishing and power point presentations. He must be able to communicate and liaise in verbally and writing between customers, enquirers, suppliers, visitors and relevant staff. He should pursue personal development of skills and knowledge which are required for the performance of the job role efficiently.
Skills and Knowledge specifications
A Virtual assistant must have good telephone etiquette. He should be able to close deadlines and to work under rigorous stress. He should be able to work with others in close manners and should have good communication skills. He must be able to provide good customer service internally and externally. He should have good organizing, computer and planning skills. A virtual assistant must be able to react calmly and effectively in emergencies. He must be able to execute and understand complex verbal and written instructions. He must be able to maintain customer confidentiality. He should have some work experience in call center activities.


A good salary package based on the workload and experience.


Tele Media s-a remarcat pe piata internationala prin oferirea unor solutii complexe de marketing direct si call-center, ce vin in intampinarea companiilor din toate industriile.
Fiecare solutie oferita este personalizata pentru a corespunde cerintelor clientilor, acestia avand posibilitatea alegerii dintr-o gama diversa de servicii: tele-publicitate, tele-sales, tele-research, tele-concursuri, inflo-lines, customer support, follow up, fax mailing precum si o serie de servicii personalizate.

Masura a succesului nostru o reprezinta succesul clientilor nostri. Politica firmei noastre este strategic directionata sa asigure companiilor cu care lucream personal experimentat, disponibil oricind sa ofere clientilor acestora suport si servicii la cele mai inalte standarde profesionale. Abordarea directa, deschisa si personalizata, profesionalismul si rezultatele obtinute sunt punctele cheie care transforma relatia cu clientii nostri intr-un parteneriat de lunga durata.