Despre Metodo Studii Consultanta Romania SRL

At Metodo, we are committed to people! Everything we do is related to supporting their personal and professional development through personalized and innovative training, easy access to European funding opportunities and consultancy services shaped up for their expectations.

Metodo Group was founded in 1999 as a provider of broad training services in the public and private sector, focusing on generating innovative solutions on different knowledge fields, through constant research and customer satisfaction solutions. Every year, Metodo delivers more than 160,000 hours of training and certificates 15,000
students during individual training plans.

Metodo has been developing its expertise on three pillars:
Social Research
International & European projects

Metodo Group is a holding of 3 companies under the same ownership, each focusing on the different fields of expertize: Formaten, Forinlab, Metodo Consulting.

We focus on QUALITY before quantity. We count on high customer service orientation which contributes to the fact that 9 out of 10 projects presented to the call for proposals
are approved.
We focus on EXPERIENCE . Our quality is based on technical training and the professional experience of our staff.
We focus on INNOVATION. Innovation for us is not just a challenge to overcome. It is another step in the realisation of our ideas.
We count on DEDICATION. We have a network of partners in many European countries:Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.


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