Despre IsItYou

We set out with a very clear objective. To make the mobile world of commerce, payments, banking, and social media safe for users. That meant developing a technology that would provide strong security but in a way that normal people would actually use.

Effective Face Recogniton for mobile is a great challenge and one that we at IsItYou were happy to take upon ourselves. We knew going in that the technical challenges would be large. People use their phones in all sorts of places and in any number of ways. That simply means that our authentication technology would have to work in all of those places and cover all of those cases.

We have a great team of engineers, designers, mathematicians, user experience and machine vision experts working hard to make biometric authentication on mobile a reality.

And the results are impressive.

Our technology works in every context from almost complete darkness to bright sunlight, and pretty much in any pose even while holding the phone at waist level, or to the side, or... you get the idea.


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