Despre Asociatia Learning Communities

Learning Communities Association is an organization founded in 2013 with the mission to support creation and development of different communities meant to improve life, ensure life long learning, promote social and scientific progress, communities fighting for protection of human rights and protection of wild life.
The reason we decide it to get involved in EVS is related to our believe that young people can contribute to our objectives by being actively involved as EVS volunteers, while learning and getting an important experience. We are convinced that young people are not just beneficiaries of our EVS projects, but more like great contributors at building and sustaining communities.

Association Learning Communities is a non profit organisation and its objectives are:
- Creating opportunities for people to meet people with same interests, share information and build ideas which contribute to progress;
- Develop services and projects for young people and children designed to help them develop abilities and attitudes, so they become active members of their communities;
- Increase active participation of children, young people and adults;
- Offering support to communities promoting education, environment protection, human rights, sport, life long learning, Fair trade, entrepreneurship and intercultural education;
- Increase access of people to technology and information about science;
- Promoting the concept of Non formal education and offering support to those active in this field.


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