Despre ARCA - FRRM

ARCA is a Romanian non-governmental association, apolitical and non-confessional, humanitarian and ecumenical established in 1998, accredited as a social services provider in February 2006.
ARCA`s main objective is to defend and promote fundamental human rights, in particular refugees, returnees and other categories of migrants` rights. In the long term, ARCA focuses upon promoting and protecting refugees, returnees and migrants; facilitating cultural exchanges between migrants and the Romanian population; developing a network of organizations and institutions to adequately address the needs of refugees and other migrants and
ARCA's mission is to help fulfill the potential of every individual who takes refuge, migrate or is repatriated to Romania and to facilitate their integration into the Romanian society.
ARCA in partnership with several Romanian NGOs established a counseling centre in Bucharest for the victims of human trafficking.


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