Despre Angel Health Software

We are a young spirit team with high enthusiasm. We deliver projects worldwide since 2002 and we have more than 1000 project delivered so far. Our team consists in layers of specialist and we take our work very serious. We first clarify with the customer all his project needs and than based on exact project description we deliver top blending of programming & design skills specially matched to the project. We have ranked A+ and 10 out of 10 on all test and reviews on outsourcing sites since we started the business.
Our history is simple and impressive. We developed the outsourcing skills up to the moment when we started to receive buying offers from major on line companies from all over the world. One of them was accepted in 2003 and over 25 people joined Hostway in the local branch Hostway Romania witch was managed by Marius Ion. Since the economical structure changed during the past year many customers started to look again for cheaper and more effective ways of outsourcing part of the work. We just finished re-positioning our team and starting August 2009 our offices are opened for business. We are eager to show our skills again and we are confident in the outcome


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