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Hotel Interviews/EMAAR - Dubai - UAE
  • - Selection Criteria: Individuals with personality “Entertainers” –approach life like a stage Unique hobbies and stories about them Genuine desire towards hospitality Animated communicators Hotel experience preferred as all roles are multiskilled Other attributes: Attractive and good looking Articulate and clearly spoken High level of Emotional Intelligence Ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions Calm and level
  • - headed. Outgoing, energetic & dynamic personality. Display passion about everything they do. Multi
  • - cultural, educated and worldly Ability to express themselves and remember names and faces Savvy with Technology Social Media Enthusiast Empowered to look after the guest Ability to represent the brand and BE the brand

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Radiologists in Dubai UAE
  • - Eligibility criteria:
  • - Good English level
  • - Minimum 5 years of experience as a specialist doctor
  • - Eligible for obtaining the license to practice in UAE

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