Despre UAB Marino grupe

Closed joint stock company Marino Grupė, established in the port town of Lithuania, is one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the Baltic States, known as Marino Group in the international market. Marino Group offers hull welding and construction, HVAC system installation, painting and sanding, also scaffolding works in shipbuilding and industrial building construction sectors. Currently the company employs more than 700 staff members, specialising in the fields of shipbuilding, hull welding and piping. Lithuanian capital enterprise Marino Group is successfully developing its business in Europe and the entire world. Starting out as a local maritime service company, Marino Group has outgrown Lithuanian borders and can confidently be referred to as an international company. Marino Group staff specialises in ship hull welding, metal construction assembly, piping, rebar production and installation, ship hull painting and sanding, ventilation and insulation system installation works.

The main headquarters of UAB Marino Group are located in Lithuania, but the company also has divisions in Germany, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine. Consistent and purposeful pooling of motivated expert staff in the same hands enables to grow a broad-based and high-quality workforce in the international company.

The company’s major operations include: shipbuilding and reparations, modernisation, installation of equipment and piping, ship hull welding according to various methods and assembly of metal constructions, rebar installation, manufacturing and installation of metal constructions, ship hull and metal construction painting, sanding, priming, metallization, pipe insulation, installation of ventilation systems, scaffolding assembly and disassembly works.

Marino Group operates in the largest shipyards and industrial objects all over Europe and the world. We can satisfy even the most demanding needs in constructing or repairing prestigious, large cruise or industrial vessels. Marino Group can offer not only human resources, but also all additional services, needed for a successful development and implementation of the project.


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